About Longwood Island

Longwood Island is a national sales training and coaching firm. Established in 2001 by Mr. Jim Kenney, we have built a reputation for teaching sound sales fundamentals that are enhanced by the most advanced, cutting-edge sales philosophies available. We pride ourselves on being an Instructional Sales Training Company without using all the hype and cute motivational stories that so many trainers are known for.

Longwood Island is still led by the founder, Mr. Jim Kenney. With Mr. Kenney’s Industrial Psychology and Productivity background he was able to successfully advance from a salesperson in a small marine dealership to General Manager and owner of a large metro dealership. Jim Kenney attributes his success to quality people developed through constant training and support. Mr. Jim Kenney has now brought his success to many dealerships throughout the United States and Canada.

The Longwood Island Team continuses the training experience with it’s managers and support personnel. Please contact our Headquarters for a meeting or to schedule a conference call to discuss the services we can offer.

Why Longwood Island?

We promise to provide our clients with innovative and creative Training and Coaching
along with the best Marketing Strategies available. Our professionals will personally
work with you to fit all your planning together with ongoing professional consulting and
coaching in the field we know best!

Mission Statement:

We enable greatness in people and organizations.

Longwood Island creates transformational leadership in people and organizations through training, coaching, and market based programs.