About Longwood Island

Jim Kenney - President, Founder, Longwood IslandJIM KENNEY
President and Founder

Launching his lifelong career Jim Kenney started as a salesman at a modest boat dealership. Attaining formal training in Industrial Psychology and Productivity, he swiftly advanced to General Manager. Continuously augmenting his business acumen, people skills and real-world management proficiencies, Jim went on to develop a large Central Florida dealership which he owned and operated. Jim attributes his dealership’s extraordinary success to the exemplary character of his team members and the constant training and support that was provided.

After selling his dealership, Jim’s reputation as a successful entrepreneur, manager and trainer made him a highly regarded consultant in the marine industry. Applying his proprietary discovery process, Jim inspirers companies to facilitate their marketing and sales personnel with customized tools and training. Jim has guided many marine companies to heighted success throughout the United States and Canada.

Jim’s zeal for the boating industry goes beyond vocational commitments. He is a lifelong boater and understands the psychology of both the owner and the dealer. This combination of insights gives him a unique vantage point that he successfully translates to his client’s benefits.

"Marketing and sales are paramount to a marine dealer or manufacturers success. Without marketing there are no sales, without sales there is no business. Marketing strategies and tactics do not have to be complicated or expensive. They need to be well planned and implemented. My passion for my clients success gives me an incredible tenacity to exceed expectations."

Guil Abaya - Vice President - Longwood IslandGUIL ABAYA
Vice President, Creative Services

Guil Abaya is an award winning graphic designer with an extensive knowledge of online and mobile media technologies. This rare combination of artistic talent and esoteric cognition enables Guil to develop highly successful communication tools that drive home a client’s message to market. He has generated an expansive array of websites, email campaigns, mobile apps and online advertising strategies for myriad clients in diverse industries. Over his career, Guil has translated his divergent perceptions to the marine industry working with clients ranging form multimillion-dollar dealers to international manufacturers.

Widely recognized for his ability to capture the essence of client’s initiatives and distill them into a succinct message that resonates with customers. Guil fashions digital tactics that break through the clutter. These tactics specifically crafted to be integrated into an overall marketing strategy that produces desired and measurable results.

Guil is well traveled. Having originated from the Philippines and proudly served in the U.S. Army for 10 years, obtaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. He is student of international design and art and has journeyed through Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

"When technology, art and design blend to create compelling content, it is more than a message. It absorbs the target observer with affinity and creates palpable desire and actionable aspirations. I love creating these captivating communions with intended audiences, marketing tactics that deliver exceptional results."