We strive to provide the essential tools for managers to use in Team Coaching.

Mike Murphy"Partnering with Jim Kenney and his team at Longwood Island this year was a great decision for our Marina. Jim’s assistance with both our Marketing Strategies and our day to day Operational Tactics gave us a competitive edge over our competitors resulting in significant improvement to our bottom line."

Mike Murphy
Chief Operating Officer
Garden State Yacht Sales
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Need a coach for your business?

The success of a Marine Organization is generally determined by the ability of the sales leaders and managers.

Nine out of ten executives agree that a developed management staff, with highly effective LEADERSHIP COACHING in place is the key ingredient in today’s successful sales organizations.

LONGWOOD ISLAND’S COACHING has a fully customized workshop that enables your sales team to reach their personal potentials.

By implementing our proven leadership coaching, your sales leaders will build a confident and competitive sales organization that will continually achieve its sales objectives.

What to Expect

We integrate several methods of training (tele-classes, workshops and individual coaching) to give you the most effective learning experience and help you align your life to your values and your destiny.

Yes, we offer you a FREE Coaching Session!

Just call and set up an appointment, it is easy as that.

What is Coaching?

Leadership and business coaching are about permanent and fundamental shifts in your view of yourself and your business.

According to Albert Einstein, "We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." A coach can help you shift your thinking into that new perspective ... And a great business coach has enough experience to share to help you make that shift quickly.

Turn your Stress, Fear & Doubt into More Time, Money and Fun.



Forrest Long"Longwood Island Inc. and Jim Kenney come highly recommended by Bluewater Yacht Sales. Not only has Jim worked diligently in organizing and coaching our service department to the highest on industry standards, he has gone above and beyond in taking an interest in our whole operation.

Whether you are wanting to maximize profits or streamlining your service and sales departments, Jim Kenney has the knowledge and drive to produce positive results."

Forrest Long
Bluewater Yacht Sales

Longwood Island is a national sales training and coaching firm. Established in 2001 by Mr. Jim Kenney, we have built a reputation for teaching sound sales fundamentals that are enhanced by the most advanced, cutting-edge sales philosophies available. We pride ourselves on being an Instructional Sales Training Company without using all the hype and cute motivational stories that so many trainers are known for.

The Longwood Island Team continues the training experience with it’s managers and support personnel. Please contact our Headquarters for a meeting or to schedule a conference call to discuss the services we can offer.

Get The Right Training

Longwood Island understands that every dealership has different and specific needs. Training options range from large group training with other dealers to personalized one- on-one training in your location. We will identify problems and resolve them through sales and management training and the implementation of systems and procedures that will institutionalize your solutions.

What is your Selling System like? Do you practice and train or just wing it?!

Get The Right Coach

Wish you could have someone by your side, supporting you as you develop important changes in your business? You can! We have a variety of marine consulting and coaching services designed to meet your needs. Our consulting and coaching services are based on the well known Franklyn Covey Certified Coach Training; you can also call us to get a customized consulting package just for your business.